This new year, reduce your blind spots.

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Blind spot in action

Rick was recently promoted and made in charge of an underperforming 50 people unit at his company. This move came as a surprise to many given the fact that Rick did not have a ton of leadership experience and was picked ahead of many experienced employees.

  1. You introduced your new product to the market. Everyone gave rave reviews but no one bought it.
  2. Your close friend suddenly started avoiding you after the last few times you met.

Awareness & Acceptance

We all suffer from something called ‘fundamental attribution error’. We often judge others harshly while letting ourselves off the hook at the same time by rationalizing our own unethical behavior.

Don’t just be open to feedback, seek it

It is natural to feel angry and frustrated when someone criticizes your work. That’s your natural defense mechanism at work and without it, we wouldn’t have probably wouldn’t have survived and evolved.

Question and learn from failures

Especially from situations that seemed to be going your way but suddenly. don’t.


Write down your thoughts at the end of the day.

Kill your ego

If you haven’t read it already, please read ‘Ego is the enemy’. Ryan Holiday points out how history is made by individuals who’ve fought their egos at every turn.

Plan in action

Most of us are used to cruising ahead in life without our side view and rearview mirrors on. That needs to change. The ideas discussed above should give a good starting point, however, this change requires a mindset shift.

“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of our own ignorance.” — Thomas Sowell

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