5 Uncommon Things Great Leaders Do

#1 They don’t have an open-door policy.

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash

#1 They don’t have an open-door policy

We established open-door policies to empower employees and enhance collaboration within teams and organizations. It worked well back in hierarchical structures wherein employees were afraid to communicate with their superiors. Open door policy provided these employees a medium and a channel to seek guidance and express concern.

  1. It helps their team members become independent and resourceful

#2 They think long term and promote this thinking within the teams

They prioritize long-term gains over short-term wins even if that is unpopular and causes immediate pain.

#3 They focus on their team’s personal growth (along with their growth at work)

Even though everyone says, it is none of their business.

#4 They aren’t afraid to expose their vulnerability & ignorance

Do you know the commonality between an executive, a manager, a VP, and a CEO? They are all humans.

#5 They obsess over execution & processes and not over outcomes

This one is critical.

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